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Natural Childbirth

Our approach that demedicalizes childbirth, restores the dignity and intimacy of birth to the mother, and has proven to be the safest approach. We have several options to suit your wishes and needs.


Cesarean Section Prevention

Throughout the prenatal care and in the birth process we make sure that everything is developing properly, we recognize variations of normal and provide information so that the family can make informed decisions. Caesarean sections are always our last resort, because a caesarean section can only be respectful if it is necessary.

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Vaginal delivery after caesarean section- Vbac 

We are the most experienced birth professionals in vaginal delivery after cesarean sections in Guatemala. Around 50% of our clients have had one or more previous cesarean sections. The evidence supports the benefits of a normal delivery after a C-section vs performing another C-section, although this is not what the medical community tells women.

Breastfeeding Support

From pregnancy, birth, and in the weeks after birth, we strive to provide you with the information, physical and emotional support for successful breastfeeding.


Prenatal Education

Our childbirth preparation course is ideal for couples who want to give birth naturally and avoid unnecessary interventions, as well as prevent an unnecessary caesarean section. From nutrition to childbirth and breastfeeding, our course prepares you with evidence-based information and knowledge of the options for giving birth in Guatemala and other countries.  For now our courses are online,  taught by Diana Freiwald. Taking this course gives you the benefit of being part of a virtual community of parents with the same interests.The course is available to all families even if they don't give birth with us.

Placenta Encapsulation

Your body has created your wonderful baby and your placenta has been the one that has made it possible. It can still help you in your recovery process. We offer to turn your placenta into medicine for you and your baby and also into art so you can honor the work of this vital and temporary organ. This service is also available for mothers who do not give birth with us.

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Routine Gynecology 

We offer diagnosis and treatment of common ailments as well as STIs. We offer pap smears and family planning methods. As community midwives, we are proud to be able to accompany women throughout all stages of their sexual and reproductive lives.

Natural products

Herb management is part of the midwife's job. We have supplements, teas, tinctures, mother extracts, balms, oils and other natural medicines available. As well as girdles, ergonomic carriers and menstrual cups for sale. Click here to find the full list.

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